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About Us

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Our Purpose

My purpose is to create unique, wearable art that satisfies your style and brings you joy. I aim to bring a sense of meaning to each piece of jewelry I create, and by creating each piece by hand, I am giving my customers a piece of me!

I pride myself in creating affordable designs with quality and meticulous craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.


Authenticity, accountability and kindness are the standards behind everything we do within our team and how we treat our customers. 


Find Your Passion... Find Your Purpose!

Rosa Marcelina, Lilly Rose creations

Rosa Marcelin's Story

Jewelry design and creation started out as a hobby and much needed outlet for me. As my interest grew, it became an expressive art form. I quickly began learning everything I could about different jewelry making techniques, expanding my craft. In the beginning, I wasn’t even concerned about selling my jewelry. For me, it was a PASSION. Without even realizing it, I had found my passion… or perhaps, passion found me!

Although I had found my creative outlet, like so many others, I was still struggling to find my purpose in life. While searching for my purpose, life happened to bring a much needed change that allowed me to focus more on jewelry making. That’s when I realized that my purpose was to share my passion with the world! I decided to open my handmade jewelry boutique, Lilly Rose Creations. It's amazing what happens when you embrace change and follow your heart.

My jewelry is an evolution of where I've been and where I'm going.